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Upper Land Mission Corporation Annual Conference of 2015 in Omaha Nebraska

ULMC is a union of Churches under the two counties of Ulang and Nasir members in United States of America. This organization has been existed for 8-years now under the current spiritual leader Rev. John Keak Nguth. The leadership of this organization has set a regular schedule each year to have a conference every end of the year and this is 8th Annual conference. The members of this organization attended this conference with huge number and they have four days discussing the way forward to the bright future as a Church society. The conference was started on November 26, 2015 and ended on Sunday November 29 with unity prayer in the city of Papillion Nebraska, the conference for four days went so well and the resolution of the conference including the new appointed leader name of ULMC will be published in two to three days.

On above the page of ULMC, 45 members of this organization took picture at one time, they show the strong unity and love in among themselves and they also celebrated the Thanksgiving Day together as you see on the picture above. For more detail you can click "READ MORE.” under each picture below and read the presentation from each speaker: Duol Rut, James Wal, Stephen Nyuon, Jinnena Komboor, John Paleak, and James Dhol. ULMC Album


Duol Rut's speech on Leadership denotes taking actions and getting results, Dynamic leadership influences the attitudes of the people being led, Leaders must be; charismatic, inspirational, respectful, and stimulating when leading!

Leaders must be charismatic, inspirational, respectful, and stimulating when leading!

LEADERSHIP: •Leadership is defined as influencing others to work diligently toward achieving their goals: 1. Clearly stating your vision! 2. Explaining your plan for attaining your vision! 3. Instilling confidence and optimism! 4. Expressing confidence in those you lead! .READ MORE..

Reasons for Why our Churches are not functioning smoothly

Lack of clear attractive, attainable vision, and mission. Lack of specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timed goals.

Lack of strategic planning: People don’t know where the churches are going and what they are trying to achieve. Lack of leadership skills: Leaders lack knowledge, skills and positive attitudes. Lack of trust, love, unity, and hope between members of the churches. Lack of initiative: People do not feel their contributions can make differences. READ MORE

Presentation in Mutual trust by Stephen Nyuon

Stephen M, Nyuon's presentation focus on Mutual Trust. Overview:

  • Background of the communities and churches: Purpose of this presentation, Statement of the problem.

Definition of the problem, Causes of the problem, Alternative solutions, Driving forces and resisting forces, Call to action and conclusion, and Questions and.... READ MORE..

Gaat (kids) South Sudan by Jinnen Komboor

Rev. Jinnene Komboor went to Ethiopia several time and visited the South Sudan Refugee camps in Western Ethiopia.

"For everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith. 1 John 5:4 IN God Loving. A lot of need: Medical, food, shoes, water, clothes, schools materials and place to...". READ MORE

The Secret Power of Unity By Jock Paleak

  • Jesus reaches for a grape branch showing signs of new spring growth, its woody Stem lies across His hand into the golden light.
  • Now its begins, “I am the True Vine, and my Father is the Vinedresser” John 15:1.

  • In the next few minutes, Jesus talks quietly about Branches and grapes and how the Vinedresser cares for His prize Vineyard. READ MORE....

Church Culture Presentation by James Dhol 

  • Pastors are not controlling their behaviors.
  • They are not applying scriptures on their life or study the Bible.

  • They are not preparing themselves for Sunday sermons.
  • They don’t serve properly their congregations.
  • They have self egos.

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