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1979 Video in Jikmier

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Video description, the video above was published by Serbian on April 06, 2015 but the video was recorded by Japanese in 1979 in the small village call Jikmier which is located on the border of Ethiopia, and South Sudan. Jikmier was a former headquarter of British colonial rule during world I and world war II. one of the community member late Chuol Ding Nyoat arrived in Jikmier and help the Japanese to communicated with Nuer Trib and they spent two weeks in the village to complete their work.

This video is good for Nuer generation or South Sudanese in general to witness this culture during 70s backward, and another good thing on this video, the current leader of eastern Jikany civil army lOgdor Chuol Diet Rialgak is among those kids who are playing with mud and game in Nuer traditional culture.

Notice from Komach. I put my time to watch this video and I recognized many faces because I was among those children at that time when this video was recorded. I communicated with Librarian in National Library of Serbia in Belgrade the capital city of Serbia and we discussed how they can send me the full length of video but they said they will work on that request until they find the full video. The kids who are playing with mud, and game, they are all my ages but few of them were younger than me. Here are their names:

The video is describe on 5- categories are:

Hunting animals, Tradition Marriage, Game, Culture dancing, traditional scaring, and Milking Cow .

On Animal Hunting, are the names of hunters:

  1. Deng Tew War
  2. Pal Luak Kueth
  3. Omot Otong Atale, the one is carrying thence to pool for sacrifice and praying in anyuak language to ask God "Oh God, I put this animal and wine into this water pool because you will be the guidance and make our life safe thorough out this hunting"
  4. Lul Kuany Gore
  5. Duoth Kulaang
  6. Yiech Duop Dieth
  7. Darial Keat Nyak
  8. Deng Lul Nyuon
  9. Mathew Kuur Ghol
  10. Chuol Kun Bukjiok
  11. Paleak Chuol Duony
  12. Pajong Kaylech Thoat
  13. Deng Ogut Aboya
  14. Omot Bukjiok Duang or Omot Nyawar
  15. Nyigiw Lul Chala
  16. Duop Kueilual Otong
  17. Deng Ding Buak
  18. Kuek Otong Atale
  19. Yier Lual Yier
  20. Khor Kaylech Thoat
  21. Yiol Thichiot and so on.

Kids names on traditional marriage show:

The name of the girls are:

  1. Nyadeng Pal Luak
  2. Awar Omot Bukjiok
  3. Nyawal Kuek Minytuil Shaw
  4. Nyakong kuek Minytuil Shaw
  5. and many more

Boys name on traditional marriage show.

  1. Bol Giet Ngok
  2. Ogdor Chuol Diet, the current chairman of Jikany white army, he was wounded 3-times in different fighting
  3. late Changkuoth Pal Luak
  4. Gatluak Gach Charkuey, he was seriously wounded in Malakal fighting
  5. Kuerenge Shaw Kueylual
  6. Wichluol Shaw Kueylual or may be not

Name of the boys on game are:

  1. Chot Giet Ngok
  2. Bol Giet Ngok
  3. Ogdor Chuol Diet
  4. Deng Kang Khor
  5. Deng Bothyang Koaryoam, and many more...

The name those who milking cows

  1. nyakong Othor Tudool
  2. Ter Gatluak Omot
  3. unknown name girl who is also is milking cow

The name of two men on cultural dance:

  1. Biel Koang Tuoruok
  2. Gatluak Chuol Liem
  3. unknown name of the boy accompany them
  4. Chuol Nyawal Babuur is one among three boys who are watching culture show but the other face are not recognized

Komach: I am still continuing watching this video to recognize more names but if there is anyone who ground up from Jikmier and recognize anyone child after watching this video, I would be appreciated. I need your help to recognize more names or correct me on the names I was already recognized from this video. Here is link of the video if you want to watch

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