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Marriage: Komach Deng Dey, and Nyariang Nyang Kueth's Video and slide Pictures.

Wedding Ceremony: Komach Dey and Nyariang Kueth married on June 16, 2018 in Gambella, Ethiopia. Before Mr. Dey left U.S for Ethiopia, the program for wedding process was set for only one month due to work schedule and to make things ready before my arrival time in Ethiopia. I left U.S. for Ethiopia while my wife is waiting me in Addis Ababa and after she received me, we left Addis for Gambella where our wedding ceremony will be taken place while our both families are ready for wedding celebration. We were so happy and excited to start a new live as a husband and wife. After wedding, 

We gave thanks to our families for fantastic job they have done during our wedding celebration and we also thank all brides and grooms, especially, our ring bearer and flower girls, throughout the ceremony. Our flower girls had a great time with their roles they have played and when we looked them while they are follow the wedding guideline, it just melted our heart. Thank you again families and friends for your outstanding efforts to celebrate our special day together and memorable weekend for all of us on Saturday June 16, 2018 in Gambella Ethiopia....and for further detail, you can watch the video and slide photos below...

Blacksmith: culture handmade spears were made by Mr. Khor Deng Dey in Nasir South Sudan on March 2018. Khor was born and raised in village of Jikmier the former British military base during World War II which is located near the border between South Sudan, and Ethiopia. Mr. Khor grew up obsesses with becoming a blacksmith at age of 12 and he became professional in age of 15. Blacksmith originally was generated from our decedents and the legacy has been carrying on by great grandchildren through naming kids as Khor’s last name “Dey” you have seen above, it mean Anvil/Dey in tribal language and it’s referring to fire scale.

The purpose of this article is to provide explanation for the five original handmade Nuer spears. The role of our ancestors in the past and present, they worked with tools and techniques utilized. It was of high standing in the village to help the villagers with a tools to use for hunting, cultivating, fishing, and repairing household’s items. Our ancestors past on the trade of village blacksmith to children genetically and Khor is one of them in that category. While these items are replicas of true Nuer tribe spears, they are not actual historical artifacts. 

These enclosed African Nuer tribal spears were handmade in all historical aspects of the Nuer culture and represent generations of African traditions. Making a spears, and repairing the other items for households mean being proficient in several trades, woodworking, and metalworking.

Blacksmith is old technology but it’s one of the easier types of job which should be compared with welding. In United States, there is a well-known company is call “John Deere”, it found since 1835 by Deere, the all farmers are still using its equipment for cultivation farms. In U.S.A, many colleges offer bachelors or Master’s degree, and that should be same thing to other country like South Sudan, they can offer courses to those who needed because it can help an aspiring blacksmith skill to next generations. The spears you have seen above were made through the request from Khor’s younger brother Komach who lives in USA. The purpose is to show the culture to our kids who were born and raised in United States. In the past, our family did not learned blacksmith educationally but it may happen to this generation to learn it from school and modernize to modern technology. By Komach

Dr. Reanyang/Gordon, the former American missionary has serviced in Nasir South Sudan for the rest of his life. Dr. Gordon had spoken Nuer language fluently and its approve on the video above, he said greeting in Nuer language "Male migoa", he serviced as a medical doctor in Nasir for 17 Years from 1946-1963. READ MORE.....

Arlene John Schuiteman is known as Nyabigoa, the former American missionary nurse in Nasir from 1949 - 1962. She is speaking Nuer language very well because she has been living in Nuer for 13 years. 

Listen her first word introduction, she said in Nuer langauge on video above "e han Nyabigoa John or I am Nyabigoa", she serviced as a nurse with Dr. Gordon in Nasir. READ MORE....

Late Ms. Nyarial/Eleanor Vandevort the former American Missionary and the lingustic under Presbyterian Church in Sudan in 1949 - 1963, she has been living in Nuer land for 14 years. and became well spoken in Nuer, MORE,,,